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                        University office furniture solution case

                        June 25,2021


                        Project City: Guangdong

                        Service team: Ekintop office furniture manufacturer

                        Project Name: How to build the scope of office projects of Guangdong Neusoft University: Library, office area, training room, cafe sofa,from Ekintop office furniture manufacturer.

                        project number: P201840


                              Design concept:Around the Nordic architecture style of Guangdong Neusoft University, Ekintop office furniture manufacturer designed a series of furniture matching the aesthetics of young people and the students' favorite, Ekintop office furniture manufacturergive students a sense of being in Europe.


                            Ekintop office furniture manufacturergives the library a simple style. The chairs are made of ergonomic solid wood chairs. When students sit and read a book all afternoon, they will not feel tired. The color of the entire library becomes soft and warm because of the furniture, and at the same time, After Ekintop office furniture manufacturerdesigned, it can protect the eyesight of students.


                              This is Ekintop office furniture manufacturer an office area belonging to the teachers. The color scheme is a combination of blue and white, which is simple and stylish, so that the teachers can relax in the office area and work happily. The table has a lot of space, put a few pots of green plants, and teachers can have a good mood every day. Ekintop office furniture manufacturer believes that a comfortable environment can make people feel happiness.


                              The spacious training room can accommodate more than 100 people. Ekintop office furniture manufacturer designed the training table used can be adjusted and folded. If not necessary, it can be folded and folded to save space. The principal told Ekintop office furniture manufacturer that students studying in such a training room can concentrate more and learn more efficiently than before.


                              This is a cafe in the university.Ekintop office furniture manufacturer designed the soft sofa is available for rest during study time. On a weekend, order a cup of coffee, listen to songs, and enjoy the weekend.It's a vibrant weekend.

                              This is Ekintop office furniture manufacturer successful university office furniture project case, if you want to know,please contact us anytime. Best wishes to you from Ekintop office furniture manufacturer.

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