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                        PC desk manufacturers in office furniture from Ekintop

                        PC desk manufacturers in office furniture from Ekintop

                        Colour: Newest and beautiful designs, optional colors-Appearance

                        • Details

                        PC desk manufacturers in office furniture from Ekintop PC desk manufacturers PC desk manufacturers

                        Today"s fast-paced companies have to be ready for anything. 6 person workstation is designed to adapt and grow at the speed of business. The thin profile and clean lines of this 6 person workstation offer a range of aesthetic options to maximize design freedom. The versatile selection works great alone, or even better when combined with other Ekintop products to maximize planning freedom.Ekintop PC desk manufacturers accelerate your speed of business, and be ready for anything.

                        PC desk manufacturers

                                                                                PC desk manufacturers

                        PC desk manufacturers PC desk manufacturers PC desk manufacturers PC desk manufacturers PC desk manufacturers PC desk manufacturers PC desk manufacturers

                        PC desk manufacturers More services include :

                        • Overall furnishing solution – PC desk manufacturers offer office products including display shelving, all kinds of indoor furnitures, other interior parts, etc.
                        • Custom products (OEM) – our professional designer team can make designs according to your drawings or pictures. Also, we offer free sample for project orders.
                        • Quality guarantee – All production details are visible to our customers, factory visits or showroom visits are always welcomed. You can also send your own QC for quality check.


                        1、I need assembly instructions for my office furniture. Where can I get them?

                        A:If the 6 person workstation you purchased require assembly, detailed instructions should have been included in the carton. If they were missing or you have misplaced them, please contact PC desk manufacturers as soon as possible.

                        2、How about PC desk manufacturers packaging and delivery time?

                        A:PC desk manufacturers packaging: totally shrink wrapped to protect your office furniture from scratching inside, Inner each piece panel with pearl cotton & bubble styrofoam covered the table top edge & corner with strong protection. Outer with individual 5-level hard paper carton package. Delivery time: 7-25 days after we receive the deposit.

                        3、What about PC desk manufacturers after-services?

                        A:Prompt response will be offered for any after-sale problems. Kindly contact us if your 6 person workstation have any missing spare parts or product damages, we will deliver new parts as soon as we can.

                        4、How about PC desk manufacturers warranty?

                        A: Warranty period is 5-10 years under normal use.

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                        Product Name:PC desk manufacturers in office furniture from Ekintop

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