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                        Guangdong cheap price good office furniture factory Ekintop Esun office furniture manufacturer

                        June 25,2021


                        Ekintop Get ready for Super September. One month of mega deals September 2-30. There will be many offers in the September purchasing festival, welcome new and old customers to place orders

                        Next, I will introduce the advantages of solid wood office furniture.

                        First, the advantages of solid wood office furniture
                        1, physical performance is relatively stable, more environmentally friendly. After the solid wood panel paint, the surface has no unevenness of the rubber seam and the slats, and the physical properties are relatively stable during the long-term use; the chemical substances in the solid wood panel are much lower than the solid wood The volatilization of the board and solid wood composite material is more environmentally friendly and healthier.

                        2, high wood utilization rate

                        The utilization rate of wood is high, which is in line with the principle of ecological utilization of raw materials. Therefore, in terms of use and texture color, solid wood panel decoration board is more suitable for the use of furniture and decorative functions;

                        3, the board surface is flat without cracking deformation phenomenon

                        Since the core plate is made of a small anisotropic wood, the surface of the plate is uneven and the degree of warpage is small, and the upper and lower sides are covered with two thin wooden veneers, which can better eliminate the warpage and cracking deformation of the plate surface. And can improve the physical strength of the board in all directions.

                        4, excellent selection of materials, to create a sense of harmony and high-end

                        The selected logs of the large diameter grade are selected according to the texture and color, and are manufactured by high-precision equipment and scientific cutting method. This kind of processing technology is very good in texture and color, and it has more outstanding texture after painting. The whole set of furniture can create a sense of harmony and high value.

                         Guangdong cheap price good office furniture factory, Ekintop Esun office furniture manufacturer. Please consult the order now!

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