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                        A case of office furniture solution of a Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai

                        June 25,2021


                        Project City: Shanghai

                        Service team: Ekintop office furniture manufacturers

                        Project Name: Profassional office furniture manufacturers

                        Project number: P201905


                             Shanghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Shekou Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai. They needs to replace office furniture,and they found a professional office furniture manufacturers — Ekintop office furniture manufacturers.


                              Ekintop office furniture manufacturers provided professional design scheme,choose environmentally friendly furniture.Customers are particularly satisfied with the supporting scheme of Ekintop office furniture manufacturers , which is suitable for their company's work.


                               Ekintop office furniture manufacturers choosed a steady and modern office work station for this company.


                              The selected conference table is simple and practical, which is in line with the company's style.

                              Professional furniture manufacturers can provide furniture with appropriate style, affordable price, practical and durable,so the Ekintop office furniture manufacturers is your best choice.Feel free to contact us.

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