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                        University office furniture manufacturers supporting project case

                        June 25,2021



                        Project City: Guangdong

                        Service teamEkintop university office furniture manufactures

                        Project Name:How to build the scope of office projects of Guangdong Technical Normal University: administrative office, library, conference room. University office furniture manufacturers 

                        Project number: P201840




                        Design concept: In combination with the values, aesthetics and practical functions of contemporary young scholars in the context of the school, Ekintop university office furniture manufactures makes different designs according to different functions and environments when it comes to the overall planning of Guangdong Technical Normal University




                        The four colors of orange, white, gray and black are set off against each other, and they are completely new. The tables and chairs are rounded and complement each other. The school's casual reading room manager responded that since the establishment of the reading room, it has been well received by students and is the preferred place for students to study leisurely,and this is the value of professional university office furniture manufacturers.




                        This is the office card that the university office furniture manufacturers specially provide for the promotion of several functional offices. Under the match of music, people feel the warmth of the school. When one is at the desk, it is quiet in an instant, forgetting the noise of the city. , wholeheartedly put into work.This is the benefit of looking for a professional university office furniture manufacturers.




                        Because of the design of professional university office furniture manufacturers, bright color of the conference room tabletop makes the whole meeting space simple and elegant.




                        The university office furniture manufacturers think that the leisure reading room adopts bright and colorful colors in the overall planning, which makes the whole space full of vitality and leisure atmosphere. The university office furniture manufacturers adopts wheelchair-removable seats, which can be combined at will to meet the needs of different types and people.

                        University office furniture design should be handed over to professional university office furniture manufacturers.

                        This is our successful university office furniture manufacturers supporting project case, if you want to know,please contact us anytime.


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